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Elevating End-User Experience for Enhanced Customer Retention

Customer retention is a top priority in the energy sector, making the end-user experience a critical factor. In this blog post, we'll delve into the QA strategies and best practices aimed at creating a seamless experience for all customers, regardless of their energy consumption needs.

The energy companies customers are demanding and more mature of the digital experiences. Higher standard required. People want more intuitive and seamless digital experiences and are less loyal because it is easy to change energy supplier. The energy companies have to prioritize the end-user experience.  

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Empowering the Energy Revolution

The Critical Role of User Acceptance Testing in Software Development Excellence

As the energy industry undergoes rapid change, the need for improved software development takes center stage. In this exploration, we identify three key areas where the energy sector can enhance its software capabilities.

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SYVE Wellbeing: Health and Happiness

In the past three years, our internal marketing and global HR team at System Verification have diligently worked on various health initiatives, culminating in the creation of SYVE Wellbeing. This comprehensive concept has become an integral part of our internal communication system, Viva Engage. With a diverse range of health-focused activities taking place within our organization, it became evident that we needed a unified umbrella concept to encompass all aspects of employee wellbeing. Thus, SYVE Wellbeing was born.
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November 2023 - SYVE Life Quality Month

Over the past three years, our internal marketing and global HR team at System Verification has been committed to cultivating a healthy work environment and promoting a general approach to a healthier lifestyle. This dedication led to the initiation of SYVE Wellbeing. This year, we've decided to dedicate the month of November to this cause, naming it SYVE Life Quality Month.

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Advanced Security for Azure DevOps

Everyone in software development is under stress to make sure to not introduce any vulnerabilities to the application/code. If you do not have that mindset, then probably your security department will chase you after some scanning is being performed. They might run occasionally or on a scheduled basis some scans that might find vulnerabilities in your application. But, how do we minimize that possibility? It's not rocket science that you should first have a security-oriented mindset in your team, but also include some SCA (Source Composition Analysis), SAST (Static Application Security Testing), and DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) in your CI CD setup. 

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Chloe's Journey at System Verification

Chloe O’Mahony has been with System Verification for a little over four years and here is the journey she has done thus far. Read more about how she went from an agile tester to a test lead.

My name is Chloe O’Mahony and I am from Ireland. I have lived in Malmö in Sweden for the last 4 years with my partner Elin and my puppy named Bonnie. In my previous life, I studied psychology at university and also worked in sales for many years. About 10 years ago I went back to college to reskill in software engineering. After my studies I became a consultant test engineer in Dublin, Ireland. 4 years ago, I moved to Malmö and began working with System Verification.

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Tim's Journey at System Verification

Tim Rosenkrantz has been with System Verification for sixteen years and here is the journey he has done thus far. Read more about how he went from an agile tester to an experienced test automation engineer.
In May 2007, freshly graduated with a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, I was facing a future full of possibilities. I had realized that electrical engineering wasn't truly my passion, but I had also discovered a strong interest in programming, hardware, and emerging technology during my studies. My thesis focused on creating automated tests for a new programming language called StreamBits, developed by Ericsson AB in Gothenburg.

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Meetings That Bring Together People and Organizations

Meetings That Bring Together People and Organisations

Meetings that weave together people and organisations in synergy are often the most inspiring. One such event occurred when Dalya joined System Verification about a year and a half ago. In this interview, Dalya, the office hostess at System Verification HQ, will share her experience, and Agneta, the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) at System Verification, will share her thoughts on the company's strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Dalya joined System Verification in June 2022 through Yalla Trappan, which helped her secure this opportunity. Her daily responsibilities include taking care of the office, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and assisting both visitors and employees with everyday tasks. In the beginning, she had a mentor who helped her become more independent and self-reliant.

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