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Unlocking Innovation: Insights from ICSE24 in Lisbon

Lisbon is a vibrant town with many nuances, reflecting its history and the transformation into a digital hub.

This is something the EU parliament has been recognized and the city has been acknowledged as the uprising star of the software industry, with a lot of new investments from, e.g. Microsoft and Amazon. It is understandable because the people living here and their mentality make it a perfect workplace. This can be seen by all the digital nomads working here and all the open space offices where you can rent a desk for a day or up to a year. Based on this you can understand why the program committee for The International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) chose Lisbon to host the 46th version of the conference!

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SYVE Around The World - The prize ceremony

This year's spring competition is over and we could not have had more fun. This year we invited our closest partners Reeinvent and Codescene to participate in the fun and they could not have done better! Reeinvent's team The Slowcookers won it all! And we kindly regret that we gave them the ironic name now that we see the end results. A big congratulations to you!

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Gaming Event Stockholm

Last week we hosted a gaming event for our QA-network in Stockholm at the largest gaming center - SPACE - Contemporary Digital Culture Center. In the same building, just a few floors over are also where the Stockholm office is located. We are proud to have a strong collaboration with SPACE and enjoy having access to the gaming space occasionally.

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Test: fest - Wrocław, Poland

System Verification hub in Warsaw took part of the tech conference test:fest in Wrocław, Poland. Many innovative IT projects are created in Wrocław by experienced specialists with enormous knowledge. A perfect place for System Verification to be, to get inspired and share knowledge in the local area. We took the opportunity to present how testers generally work in workshops and panel discussion,  since you can voluntarily participate in the conference as one of the speakers.

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