by System Verification

Technical due diligence: Not just a code check

A technical due diligence is an integral part of most acquisitions – needless to say, especially if it is a software company you are about to acquire. In short, the purpose is to assess the quality and condition of a company’s software assets. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, a good and truly useful technical due diligence includes a couple of not-so-obvious things. Not staying on top of them can prove to be quite costly. So to make things easier for you and as a little reminder, here are four perspectives to remember and include in your technical due diligence. 

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Azure Bicep Modules development using ACR and DevOps

Leveraging Bicep modules empowers teams to encapsulate and reuse resource configurations effectively, promoting consistency, modularity, and collaboration. As organizations strive to adhere to best practices for security and compliance, the use of private container registries for managing and distributing container images has gained significant traction. This introduces a layer of complexity to the deployment pipeline, as the integration of Bicep modules with private registries demands careful orchestration and configuration.

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Test Star program graduate - Amar Kalem

During the end of spring System Verification starts a new edition of the Test Automation program Test Star with a new group of excited individuals - all eager to learn to become skilled Test Automation engineers. One who graduated from the Test Star program last year is Amar Kalem, QA consultant in System Verification Bosnia, based in Sarajevo. We asked him a few questions to get some insights into the setup of the education and his experience being a part of the program. 

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Meet&Greet - Aleksey and Svitlana

Mentors play an indispensable role in our professional growth and development. Through their guidance, knowledge sharing, and constructive feedback, they empower their mentees to achieve their goals and navigate the challenges that arise during their initial projects.

As System Verification, we wholeheartedly support mentorship that empowers our employees to reach their full potential, overcome difficulties, and become involved in all our processes more efficiently, especially during the early stages. We take immense pride in our mentors and would like to share more about them.

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Test Star program graduate - Damir Bezdrob

At the end of spring, System Verification commences a new edition of the Test Automation program, Test Star, welcoming a fresh group of enthusiastic individuals eager to acquire the skills of Test Automation engineers. Among those who successfully graduated from the Test Star program last year is Damir Bezdrob, now a QA consultant at System Verification Bosnia, stationed in Sarajevo. We sat down with him to gain insights into the educational setup and his experience as a part of the program.

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