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Celina Strietzel

HR Manager at System Verification Germany

Meet&Greet - Anel Kasić - Munich

  Meet Anel Kasić, a consultant at System Verification Germany in Munich. Anel's journey with us began at our Sarajevo office in Bosnia. Driven by a passion for new challenges, he relocated to Germany to join our Munich team. In this Meet & Greet session, you'll discover more about Anel's professional path, his achievements, the projects he's undertaken, the industries he's contributed to, and what he loves most about being a consultant.
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Building a better future for the children in Uganda

Since September 2021, System Verification Germany has started their partnership with @Zukunft für Bweyas Kinder e.V. (ZBK) to support @children Safe Uganda (CSU). The goal of ZBK is to ensure the basic needs of all children living in Bweya,  as well as to provide access to education, thus guaranteeing a sustainable future. This is exactly where System Verification steps in and we are aiming to provide support in the long run with the vision of making CSU economically more independent and building a better future for the children in Uganda. In this blog post, we are continuously sharing the latest updates from this collaboration and our charity project.

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