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Movember - Movement for a better cause

For all our System Verification offices, November is a month full of activity. Traditionally, we choose this month to be full of events and movement, but we also gave it a special meaning due to a greater cause connected to it. We named it Movember - as a lot of other initiatives, but with an extra mening into the ''move''- part. 

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Movement is a very important part of well-being. Doing all sorts of activities, whether they are exercise or a simple afternoon walk, we take care of our health, and make our life more joyful. But what if we use that initiative, connect the dots, and work both on our health and also as a way to help others? November is the month when people worldwide take a moment to acknowledge the fight against prostate cancer.
We are all aware of the fact that this year has been a tough one for the people of Ukraine, and we wanted to niche ourselves even more and help cancer victims and their loved ones in the shadow of the war - both men and women, of Ukraine. So that is exactly what we did.



We included all of our offices and this month we organized a minimum of two offline activities, plus online events for everyone to join regardless of the location. For every person that joined some of these events, we collected a certain amount of money, and with more then 230 active participants during Movember, we have gathered an good amount which can help people in need of support and care. This year we had in total 29 events people could sign up for, so you can imagine that people have had a lot to do this month.

We are proud of our employee's commitment to the cause, together with these activities we managed to get to know each other even better, but also do our little part in making the world a better place.


This year we have teamed up with Lions Club International, which will help in making our charity dream a reality. Lions Clubs International is one of the world's largest auxiliary club organizations. They are present in over 200 countries and consist of 1.4 million Lions members. Lions was named the premier non-governmental organization of the Financial Times in 2007. To enable volunteers to help different societies, accommodate humanitarian needs as well as promote peace and international understanding, is the Lions Clubs' motto.
I usually get a lot of question regarding the amount of money we'll give to charity at different occasions during the years different charity project. ''You never tell in you posts or blogs, how much is it?'' And that's because we keep those numbers as international information. We as a company want to focus on the actual main reason working with charity - helping people in need. We are not interested in picking low hanging PR-fruit. 

Thank you all System Verification employees, you have done a big difference this year! See you next time.