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Moments from our 20 years celebration conference

Finally it was time to meet again!After years of waiting due to the pandemic, our annual conference finally could be held. This year was also a special year for us, our 20 years anniversary. All the offices around in Europe could finally come together and have conference and celebrate these years of success. This year we all met up at the beautiful five star hotel Le Méridien Lav Split just by the ocean. The hotel was super nice, the weather was great and the conversations even better. We had also invited fantastic speakers- A big thank you to Anna Tebelius Bodin , Michael Feathers, Tomislav Čleković, Nyari Samushonga & Aslam Khan how inspierd us a lot through these days. 

Day one 

First day of arriving all the ''New at the company'' toke part of a mini conference and our concept The Introduction Journey. With presentations of important profiles at the company, great story telling from our founder Hamdija Jusufagic and our Group CEO Erik Björhäll, a small social media presentation from our Culture & Communication Officer Julia Abelsson and last but not least a broad presentation of the company from our lovely HR team who also was responsible for the entire concept. Big thanks to the the whole team! And amazing to see so many new faces! 


AHW_0009  AHW_0006AHW_0050After the introduction day we had some nice welcome speeches and had a great dinner at the hotel in the sun.AHW_0090AHW_0062AHW_0055


Day two
Friday morning started off with really interesting inspirational speakers. First of we listened to our group CEO Erik Björhäll, our group CFO Agneta Larsson, our Swedish CEO Fredrik Grimsberg, Hamdija Jusufagic- founder of System Verification, Codescene and Reeinvent and last but not least Henrik Sällman- CEO of Reeinvent.  We also got the chance to listen some external guests -  Anna Tebelius Bodin, Michael Feathers, Tomislav Čleković, Nyari Samushonga and Aslam Khan. 

After this inspiring morning all the day free activities took place. Everyone could choose between Olive oil tasting, guided tour of Split or just chill by the pool at the hotel. 

AHW_0106CJA_9314Erik Björhäll,  Agneta Larsson,  Fredrik Grimsberg, Henrik Sällman & Hamdija Jusufagic.CJA_9287CJA_9322CJA_9355Michael Feathers- Chief Architect at Globant, Director at R7K Research & Conveyance. CJA_9394Anna Tebelius Bodin- Trainer with the brain as an expert | Lectures on the brain in digital life and the psychology behind leadership, learning and mental health | This year's recipient of the Mensa Prize 2020.CJA_9466Tomislav Čleković- Head of Electrical Engineering at Rimac Automobili d.o.o.CJA_9516Nyari Samushonga- CEO | Speaker | Technology Executive | Bridging the gaps between business, technology and education. CJA_9509Aslam Khan- Director at FoldLeft, African by birth, developer by choice.

After the morning conference session we went out on our free activities.AHW_0151AHW_0190AHW_0210AHW_0266CJA_9577CJA_9572CJA_9609CJA_9637CJA_9616CJA_9635

Day three
Saturday, the day of the big gala. Everyone was trilled! But first it was time to choose between a lot of exciting break out sessions.

QAOps; Implementing QA everywhere with Johan Pearson & Tobias Anderson
Tech team with Piotr Nestorow, Emil Blennerup & Jens Johansson
Autonomous testing with Adha Hursto
Rimac with Vice Radman 
Interactive session in Behavior Intelligence with Magnus C. Ohlsson

Then it was time to suit up, the gala was around the corner and we stared off with some red carpet walking champagne at the terrace. After that we enjoyed a three-course meal with some really good wine. While eating we listened to many fun and touching speeches from our 20 years together as a company. Lots of laughter but also tears. We also had the award ceremony for SYVE around The World, read more about it here

After the dinner it was time for our yearly poker tournament, photo booth and some amazing dance moves on the dance floor. A night to remember! 

AHW_0561AHW_0531  AHW_0593AHW_0606AHW_0866AHW_0658-1 AHW_0689AHW_0666AHW_0680 (1)AHW_0883-1AHW_0640-1AHW_0685AHW_0777AHW_1034AHW_0998AHW_0975AHW_1046AHW_1051Day four

Last day together, and we started up with some wrap up and findings in the conference hall. After that it was time to say good bye. We all had an amazing weekend and we all went home with our hearts filled with new friendships and our brains with new findings.