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The year 2022 at System Verification

Let's go through some of the things that happened this year!


We officially opened the doors to our new office in Hamburg. Fredrik Grimsberg took over as CEO of Sweden, while Lars Björk took on his previous role as Regional Manager in Skåne.



On the 25th, we celebrated System Verification's official 20th birthday!


In Sweden, we started offering our employees recycled furniture for their home office through a collaboration with Rekomo. We also released our office pages, where you could read all about the workplaces in our different regions.

Rekomo and Office


Our consultant Alisa Rustic hosted a webinar on AI in Software Testing, which you can still view here. We also said hello to our new Regional Manager in Hamburg, Martin Rütz. Our step competition SyVe Around The World began this month.

Germany management


We had our 20th anniversary conference in Split, where we finally got to bring all of our regions together again for the first time since the pandemic hit. It was a big success! At the conference, we premiered a video where we summed up our 20 years in the QA business. Also, our new Managing Director in Poland, Karol Mioduszewski joined us this month.



We announced the recruitment of Peter Sognefur as Chief Sales Officer, who started in August. Our new, centralised sales team began to take shape.

Peter Sognefur


July was a rather quiet month, where most of us enjoyed a sunny summer vacation.


We released a new page on our website, all about our service IDF (Improving Delivery Flow). This service aims to dissect your entire delivery flow using quality as the leading star! We also celebrated one year in Jönköping.



We took the first steps to pre-open two brand new offices, one in München and one in Linköping! We also released a white paper on our Software Due Diligence service.


Our colleague Karolina Mileros moved on from her role as consultant at System Verification after 10 years, and instead became our new Consultant Manager in Malmö. We updated our service Quality Monitoring, now officially known as Software Quality Dashboard.

Karolina and Dashboard


November? We only know Movember! This month was heavily focused on physical and mental health, as well as raising money for cancer victims in Ukraine. Our colleague Kadira Šubo went from Office Manager to CEO of Bosnia! We also hosted a webinar, where Karolina Mileros shared how the Tester Mindset is not only for testers.




And finally, December. All of our regions hosted Holiday parties where we celebrated a successful 2022.

Julfest Sarajevo och Stockholm

Julfest Skåne

And here our colleagues sum up the year in numbers and events: