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A few moments from our regional conferences

Regional conferences System Verification

System Verification hosts an international conference every year where all our regions gather for an eventful few days with inspiring presentations, delicious food and fun activities. This year, considering the circumstances of the pandemic, we opted to have regional conferences instead. Each region hosted their individual conference, and we'd like to share a few moments from these highly successful events with a great turn-up from our colleagues.


The first regional conference took place in Bosnia. The activities included rafting, sightseeing in the beautiful nature and good food! 

Bosnia conference - group photo

Bosnia conference - boat  Bosnia conference - car

Bosnia conference - dinner


The conference in Poland took place at Narvil Hotel just outside Warsaw and included car racing, paintball, good food and relaxing time at the spa. 

Poland conference - group photo  

   Poland conference - car race  Narvil Hotel_0  Narvil hotel

Poland conference - group photo after race

Photos by: Anna Wisniewska


Germany hosted their conference at Koblenz and some of the activities included hiking, climbing and sightseeing. 

Germany conference - group photo

Germany conference - presentations  Germany conference - sky lift

Germany conference - dinner  Germany conference - the view

Photos by: Celina Strietzel


In Sweden we hosted three different conferences, one in Skåne, one in Gothenburg and one in Stockholm.


The one in Skåne took place at Ystad Saltsjöbad and consisted of break out sessions, team building activities and relaxing spa among other things.

Skåne conference - consultants

Skåne conference - Erik Björhäll    Skåne conference - Ystad saltsjöbad

Skåne conference - nice weather

Skåne conference - dinner   Skåne conference - shuffleboard

Skåne conference - awards

Photos by: Henrik Mårtensson (@en_henrik) 


The conference in Gothenburg included workshops and discussions regarding sales and our new services and of course team building challenges and a nice time in the spa and at the bar.

Göteborg conference - lunch  Göteborg conference - activity

Gotheburg conference - dinner  Göteborg conference - shuffleboard

Photos by: Igor Simunovic


The final regional conference was hosted in Stockholm, taking place at Ellery Beach House. The weekend consisted of spa relaxing, rib boat (RHIB), good food and much more.

  Stockholm_1  Stockholm_3

Photos by: Julia Abelsson

Thank you to all our wonderful colleagues who participated at these conferences, it was so nice to finally get to hang out in person again!