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December initiatives

As many of you already know, System Verification is not only a kick-ass niched QA company but also a company filled with caring individuals with the need and wish to help others. 

During the year, with different kinds of initiatives, we gave our take to positively contribute to a better society, whether through a competition, where our winning employees got the opportunity to choose an organization to support with the prize money, simply raising money for a joint purpose, or something completely different. What matters the most is that this way of living, the need of supporting others among us is a part of us all, and we are very proud of what we can achieve together.

System Verification Christmas presents donation for kids

This year we have done a lot, I would say. Due to the world's tough situation, we have had a few different initiatives ongoing through
out the year. All offices were part of collecting money, practical necessities, and food to support the victims of the war in Ukraine. Furthermore, we have been raising money, as a part of our  Movember initiative.

Finally, with the holiday season spirit, all of our offices have joined in a common project. What was a tradition in a Bosnian office, now became a global project. Every year, for several years now, the Bosnian office, together with the help of the organisation Ruku Na Srce, collected a handful of presents that are to be handed to the children in need. The idea, as the slogan for this initiative says, is that not one child stays without a present this holiday season. Now that all the offices joined this cause, we hope that by buying presents and handing them over to a few organizations, we will spread the holiday joy a bit further, and bring smiles to more children's faces.

Organizations involved in gathering and handing out the presents this year were Ruku na Srce, Nordic Choice Hotel, Skånes Stadsmission, Ronald MacDonalds Hus, and more. 

Thanks go out to all of you for engaging and taking part in such important causes. We hope these initiatives generate some help, comfort, and support for people who need it the most. 

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