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Meetings That Bring Together People and Organisations

Meetings That Bring Together People and Organizations

Meetings that weave together people and organisations in synergy are often the most inspiring. One such event occurred when Dalya joined System Verification about a year and a half ago. In this interview, Dalya, the office hostess at System Verification HQ, will share her experience, and Agneta, the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) at System Verification, will share her thoughts on the company's strong commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Dalya joined System Verification in June 2022 through Yalla Trappan, which helped her secure this opportunity. Her daily responsibilities include taking care of the office, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and assisting both visitors and employees with everyday tasks. In the beginning, she had a mentor who helped her become more independent and self-reliant.

We asked her if her life had changed since she started with us, and she replied:

"Yes, absolutely. My life has changed in many ways. I've had to take on more responsibility here, and I'm happy to have a monthly income. I've also learnt a lot about how Swedish social interactions work. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with System Verification."

We asked her what she dreams of, and this was her response:

"My dream is to continue working at System Verification in the long term and to be able to get a driver's license and buy a car. Perhaps I can also invest in further education in the future."

Agneta, tell us about your interest in CSR (corporate social responsibility), and particularly social sustainability?

"System Verification has always had a strong corporate culture built on our core values. Our main purpose is to contribute positively to society, and that drive is what propels us forward. In the future, we see an inclusive workplace as a crucial part of social sustainability."

Dalya joined our team about a year and a half ago. Can you tell us more about what her employment has meant for the company?

"Dalya has had a significant impact on our work and has become a valuable member of our team. We see her employment as an important step in her career journey, and we look forward to continuing to support her in her development with us."


Does System Verification have anything new happening in terms of sustainability overall?

"Yes, absolutely. Currently, we have a collaboration with WeThinkCode_, a school in South Africa, to provide young talents with opportunities for education in software quality assurance. In general, we are working to make sustainability a clear part of our strategy moving forward with well-defined goals and follow-up."

There are many opportunities. Together with Yalla Trappan, we have created this opportunity for Dalya. I hope that our initiative creates ripples and inspires more companies to do the same. Be courageous and dare to! I am happy to assist with contacts, advice, and support.

This meeting highlights the importance of collaboration and creating opportunities for people like Dalya, who can thrive and make a positive impact on both the company and society as a whole. Dalya and Agneta have paved the way for sustainability and social responsibility for us at System Verification and in the corporate world at large, inspiring us all to do more.

What to learn more about what you can do in your organisation? Read more and maybe reach out to Yale Trappan!