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Introducing new employee benefits at System Verification in Germany

During the beginning of the fall, System Verification Germany have been working extra with adding to the benefits for their employees. Read our CEO in System Verification Germany Erwin Probst thoughts about the introduction of these new benefits:

The most recent benefit we have decided to implement for our employees are to support them in taking care of pension (an addition to statutory pension, which is getting significantly lower in the coming decades). This company pension plan is tax-supported by the state, which means that the employees have savings because they don't need to pay social security contribution on this. The same is applicable for us as a company. When supporting employees in this program, we don't have to pay social contribution either.  Another advantage is that this program is very flexible; everyone can decide on the amount he or she wants to spend from the Gross salary  and this amount can always be adjusted. We as an employer are then paying a grant on this which is also predefined by law.

At the end of last month, we had an information meeting with our contact from DVAG. He will be the contact person for us as a company but also for our employees in case they want an indivudal meeting or have further questions. During the meeting our contact person explained the programs betriebliche Altersvorsorge (employer-funded pension) and Arbeitsunfähigkeitsvorsorge (work incapacity), and our employees had the chance to ask questions during and after the presentation.

What is next? Our contact will schedule invidual meetings with the employees who are interested. In this meeting he will present individual calculations so that everyone can decide whether they want to make use of it in and in what way.

Finally, there are a few other plans regarding new benefits down the line. There is always something on our mind and something we are currently working on. Our working student, Yvonne Weiss, has been working on new benefits and how to improve the company's current benefits. So we will for sure start with implementing some new things and discuss these ideas and suggestions. Ultimately, our goal is to provide flexible benefits in a transparent way to ensure that our employees know what benefits they can make use of and decide what is important to them personally. We are always open for new ideas and improvements.