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Meet Micha Schulz: Sales Manager Extraordinaire in Hamburg

Meet Micha Schulz, newest member in the central sales team and out first 100% sales manager in Germany. Micha is based in Hamburg but collaborates a lot with our three other offices in Germany, but also internationally with Sweden, Poland and Bosnia, to be able to give the customers what they need to succeed in their journeys. 

Micha_Feb 24

Where are you based, what is your role and what is your experiences before starting at System Verification?

I'm Micha Schulz, 40 years old, and I have a 10-year-old son. I live with my family in the heart of Hamburg. I bring experience from over 17 years in key account management, business development, sales management, and leading a sales department in various industries.

I started at System Verification at January this year as Sales Manager DACH (German language region) and joined the central sales team.

Why did you chose to start at System Verification?

I joined System Verification early 2024 because I was impressed by the people I met during the recruitment process, and they gave me the feeling that the company's policies reflect the values that I can identify with. The described position and the opportunities for personal and professional development were also important to me because I want to be a part of the company for a long time. I am very happy that this has already been confirmed during my first visit, before starting my contract, in November 2023, and has felt good since I joined System Verification.

Why is Hamburg such a great area/city to work in when it comes to software quality assurance and sales?

I believe that Hamburg and Germany overall is an exciting and important place for software development and digital transformation. So, it's crucial to position ourselves well here, raise the company's awareness, and build relationships to possible clients. Many big and medium-sized companies have their own IT departments or work with external firms and always need expertise in Software Quality Assurance (SQA). Our goal in the medium term should be to become the top choice in this niche and boost our visibility also in the german language regions.

How does the market look like? 

Currently, it's a significant challenge and requires considerable effort to establish new sales contacts and to be heard as an external service provider by companies. This means it's the sales team's responsibility, in collaboration with marketing, to develop solutions that help position us well in the market and increase our visibility. This way, we can gain an advantage over the competition. This involves identifying where the greatest demand lies, which industries and companies show promise, who the key contacts within these companies are, and through which channels we can best reach them. From experience, I would say that significant efforts and the establishment of direct and personal relationships typically pay off in the medium term, and with quality work or delivery, long-term trust and business develop.

Our passion lies in SQA and we are happy to support and advise companies in developing effective and high-quality solutions and integrating them into their processes.
As we can react to the on-site conditions independently of any product, our focus is always on delivering the best and most suitable approach for each project individually.
In doing so, we aim to impart the necessary know-how to the on-site team to prevent any dependencies. 

So how your process in software development and SQA look like and how do you fix Issues in your daily business?

We'd love to have a conversation with you about this. Reach out to us via our contact form, or book a meeting with Micha directly