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Meet&Greet - Harun Medar, Munich office

Harun has been an invaluable member of our company since 2019, and he has recently relocated to Munich, where he now plays a crucial role as a member of our Munich team. With an unwavering passion for team building, Harun is fully dedicated to establishing a new and thriving team in Munich. He consistently seeks out new potential talents to bolster the team's capabilities. In addition to his role as an IT Consultant, Harun also takes the lead in our intern Test Star Training program, where he plays a pivotal role in developing the skills of our employees. His commitment to building cohesive teams and providing valuable support makes him an exceptional asset to our organisation.

Now, let's delve into Harun's daily endeavours, shedding light on what truly defines his contributions to our company.

 Tell us a little about who you are.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Harun Medar, originally from the beautiful country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am proud to be part of the Munich Team at System Verification. I found my passion in technology, with a particular fascination for artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. I firmly believe that these transformative technologies hold the potential to revolutionise our world as we perceive it today and QA plays a big role in these transformative technologies. Being part of the Munich Team at System Verification allows me to be at the forefront of this technological revolution

What made you want to be part of System Verification?

I was actually already planning to go to Germany for a long time. During this time, my friend, who already works at System Verification in Bosnia, had been persistently encouraging me to attend an interview with the company. So, I decided to give in and accepted the invitation. During the interview, I noticed, that System Verification is a company culture, where each individual's significance is recognised and celebrated. And this is what liked and wanted to be a part of it.

Plus they told me that System Verification is planning to open an office in Germany and that I am welcome to join the team. This sounded like a great adventure and opportunity so I accepted the offer. Since May 2019, I have been a member of the System Verification Germany team.

What is your role in SVG?

With over 9 years of experience in this field, I have had the privilege to see the dynamic landscape of technology. As a QA Consultant, I already worked on different projects and had a wide range of responsibilities. However, my true passion is test automation, where I have predominantly focused my expertise. I mainly create and maintain test Automation Frameworks and support Team members. I also analysed the technical behaviour of the system and figured out ways to test it more efficiently.

In addition, I recently started as a Test Manager in the automotive industry, that project allows me to support the QA team with quality monitoring, process improvements, and best practices in a highly complex and dynamic environment. Plus, my involvement in the technical interview process and in-house projects like “Test Star” or the participation of “WeThinkCode” has further fueled my passion for test automation and personal growth.

What was your biggest challenge in your project so far?

My biggest challenge in the current project so far is to ensure/increase the Quality of our product by emphasising Quality and Quality Assurance at every step of the SDLC.

What do you do when you are not working?

On a beautiful day, I like to spend time in nature preferably doing some sports activities. Additionally, I find great pleasure in the game of chess. It’s very strategic, that is what I like. So, if you share the same passion for this game and are up for a thrilling match, I am happy to connect with me. 😊


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