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Meet&Greet - Michael Kister - Bonn

Meet Michael Kister, a senior consultant at System Verification, whose journey reflects substantial development in software testing and effective team coordination. With experience in 4-6 industries, Michael finds Banking and Insurance intriguing.

As a consultant, he values the dynamic blend of flexibility and responsibility. Looking ahead, his goal is to deepen expertise in Quality Assurance (QA) and DevOps.

Join us in exploring Michael's insights into the world of consulting.


When you look back at the time you started with your
assignment, how much did you developMichael Kister yourself?

Looking back at the inception of my assignment, I can proudly acknowledge substantial personal and professional development, particularly in the realms of software testing and collaboration within diverse development teams for various customers. The journey has been marked by a significant enhancement of my skills and expertise in software testing methodologies. 

What is your most significant achievement at System Verification or in your current assignment?

One of my most impactful achievements at System Verification (or in my current assignment) has been the effective coordination of a team in a challenging environment. Faced with complex situations and tight deadlines, I led the team through adversity by fostering open communication, instilling a sense of unity, and strategically addressing obstacles.

In how many different industries have you had assignments and which industries did you like the most, and why? 

I've had assignments across 4-6 different industries, and among them, I find Banking and Insurance the most interesting. These sectors stand out due to their specialized requirements, intricate challenges, and the dynamic nature of financial operations. Working in these industries has been both challenging and rewarding, pushing me to continually adapt and innovate to meet their specific needs. 

What do you enjoy the most about being a consultant?

What I enjoy most about being a consultant is the dual aspect of flexibility and responsibility. The flexibility inherent in consulting allows me to engage with diverse projects, industries, and teams, fostering continuous learning and adaptability. Simultaneously, the responsibility that comes with providing valuable insights and solutions to clients contributes to a sense of professional fulfillment and achievement. The combination of flexibility and responsibility creates a dynamic and stimulating work environment, where every project presents new challenges and opportunities for growth. 

What do you plan to achieve within the next 1-2 years?

In the coming 1-2 years, my primary goal is to cultivate more experience and deepen my expertise in Quality Assurance (QA) and DevOps topics.


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