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Meet&Greet - Horst Harens - Hamburg

Meet Horst, one of System Verification's many great senior consultant, whose journey reflects significant growth and adaptability. From navigating intricate system landscapes to embracing new roles, Horst shares insights into his evolving professional narrative. With a preference for the dynamic "trade and logistics" sector, he finds fulfillment in the tangible impact of his work.

As a consultant, Horst thrives on project diversity and continual growth. Looking ahead, his goal in the next 1-2 years is to broaden his skill set for tackling complex challenges.

Join us in uncovering Horst's enriching consulting journey and future aspirations.


Horst HarensWhen you look back at the time you started with your assignment, how much did you develop yourself?

Looking back on my journey since taking on this new assignment, I've undergone substantial development. Before, I was accustomed to working in small, focused teams with clear goals. However, this new role presented an entirely different challenge — a large and intricate system landscape with numerous dependencies, specialized development frameworks, and collaboration across multiple teams. 

The shift involved not only understanding the customer's perspective but also translating their goals into practical strategies. I had to navigate potential issues and propose effective solutions. This required a more comprehensive view of the entire system and heightened collaboration with diverse teams. 

In essence, this experience has been a significant learning curve, pushing me to enhance the quality of my work to meet the demands of a more extensive and complex professional environment.

What is your most significant achievement at System Verification or in your current assignment?

My most significant achievement at System verification or in my current assignment has been successfully adapting to a completely new role and mindset. Embracing the challenges that come with ongoing changes and pushing the boundaries further has been a key aspect of this accomplishment. 

In how many different industries have you had assignments, and which industries did you like the most, and why? 

Throughout my professional journey, I've had the opportunity to work in five different industries, starting in automotive and currently delving into the energy sector. Of all the sectors, I found the "trade and logistics" industry particularly captivating. What appealed to me the most was its direct impact on everyday life, making it easily understandable for outsiders.

The intricate connections between trade and logistics and their tangible effects on our daily experiences made this sector stand out. It provided a clear link between the work I was involved in and its real-world implications. This practical relevance not only made the work more engaging but also allowed for easier communication of complex concepts to those less familiar with the industry. Overall, the dynamic nature and tangible impact of the trade and logistics sector made it my preferred choice among the diverse industries I've had the privilege to work in. 

What do you enjoy the most about being a consultant?

The aspect I enjoy the most about being a consultant is the continual opportunity for growth presented by diverse projects. Each project brings new challenges, allowing me to expand my skill set, explore different industries, and adapt to varying technologies. The dynamic nature of consulting keeps me engaged and constantly learning.

What do you plan to achieve within the next 1-2 years?

To be able to cover a wider range of tasks and offer well-founded solutions to complex problems based on the experience gained over that time.


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