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Saving lives during work hours - a mission for Sven

Sven Ullstad, one of our great consultants at System Verification, wanted to make blood donations  become a natural part of our everyday work life. He suggested an initiative that now allows System Verification employees to donate blood during work hours.

How did this engagement start from Sven’s side?I sent it in via the suggestion box!” In our suggestion box, we ask our employees to suggest initiatives that System Verification could investigate and hopefully implement. “I have wanted  to engage people in this for a long time. Through an employee survey regarding internal initiatives everything started to roll,” Sven explains.

Sven tells us why this initiative is something he is extra passionate about: “I started donating blood back in high school as a humanitarian effort. I have donated blood, plasma, and platelets through my time as a donor. When I was a plasma donor for a period, due to low blood values, there was a special occasion where they asked if I could imagine donating blood anyway.

When we asked him what type of occasion that was, Sven then tells a heartwarming story.

My special blood type is 0 Rh +, but also CMV negative, and it was in big need for a little girl who was 3 years old at that time. She was born with HIV and I was asked to donate blood for that specific reason. This was when HIV was not a curable disease. I felt very obligated and privileged to be able to help,” he says.

As a very important part of our Swedish benefit program, our employees at System Verification can now donate blood during work hours. This is completely in line with our values as a company and a natural part of our wide benefit program.

Our HR Manager Joanna Doweyko tells us more about why we chose to implement this particular initiative.

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“In Swedish healthcare, an average of 1 blood bag is needed per minute, around the clock, all year round. Because blood can not be stored for more than six weeks, a steady stream of blood donors is really crucial. Giving blood takes about 10 minutes, minutes that can save up to three people's lives.”

Joanna continues. “As a company we have always worked hard to give back to society. Whether it is by funding different projects, investing in regional organizations or supporting those in need, it is something that we feel is important to be part of. We know that our employees take great pride in being part of System Verification, for this reason among others of course. This particular initiative is a way for us to make a joint effort in helping out.”

Joanna is proud of the fact that many initiatives come from our employees. “We really enjoy putting together new benefits and opportunities for our employees  - but when the idea is brought to us from one of our people, it feels even better!”