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Winners of Space Community Cup

Earlier this week our colleagues Goran Jouma and Patrick Engström Roxendal won the Space Community Cup and took home the coveted trophy to our office. Meet the FIFA pros;

Congratulations on the victory! How does it feel to be the best at FIFA 2021 in the whole office complex?

''It feels really good! There were some tough opponents, but we managed to win in the end! Very fun to have these kind of events within the community. I haven’t played in a while actually, but it’s always big fun to play with friends when I get the chance!'' Patrick says. ''Thank you! It's not something that I expected to be at my workplace (but I'll take it), it feels great! I feel that it was a hard fought victory against some great opponents. It’s also a fun form to socialize in I must say! '' Goran says. 

Is this a big passion for you Goran?

''Yes, I guess that you can call it that. I do not play as much as I used to when I was younger, but it's still a good way to have some fun during a slow day or a night in with some friends.''

You guys play football together IRL also right? Tell us more about that.

''Yeah, we play some ball together. It’s on a Sunday league level, so it’s a fun way to meet up with friends!'' Patrick says. ''I joined the team that Patrick and his friends had set up. A really good way to meet new people, socialize and have some great fun. It's also a perfect opportunity to gain some steps in our spring walking competition, SYVE Around the World.'' Goran says. 

How are you preparing yourselves for the next tournament at Space?

''Will definitely try to prepare as much as I can so we can defend the trophy, long nights in front of the TV.'' Patrick says. '' I'll do my best! Hopefully we will be able to defend and keep the trophy at the SYVE office!'' Goran says.

Social events is a big part of our internal health and wellbeing concept SYVE Wellbeing. Having one of our hubs at a digital cultural center in the heart of Stockholm makes it very easy to have fun together.