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CodeScene Event Hamburg Markus Borg

EVENT: CodeScene with Markus Borg

On January 31st, our Hamburg Office hosted a gathering of tech enthusiasts and industry experts for CodeScene Insights. Our team had the opportunity to attend, and we're excited to share some of the key insights and takeaways from the event that can benefit everyone, regardless of their level of expertise in software development.

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Meet&Greet - Horst Harens - Hamburg

Meet Horst, one of System Verification's many great senior consultant, whose journey reflects significant growth and adaptability. From navigating intricate system landscapes to embracing new roles, Horst shares insights into his evolving professional narrative. With a preference for the dynamic "trade and logistics" sector, he finds fulfillment in the tangible impact of his work.

As a consultant, Horst thrives on project diversity and continual growth. Looking ahead, his goal in the next 1-2 years is to broaden his skill set for tackling complex challenges.

Join us in uncovering Horst's enriching consulting journey and future aspirations.

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Meet&Greet - Michael Kister - Bonn

Meet Michael Kister, a senior consultant at System Verification, whose journey reflects substantial development in software testing and effective team coordination. With experience in 4-6 industries, Michael finds Banking and Insurance intriguing.

As a consultant, he values the dynamic blend of flexibility and responsibility. Looking ahead, his goal is to deepen expertise in Quality Assurance (QA) and DevOps.

Join us in exploring Michael's insights into the world of consulting.

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Meet&Greet - Harun Medar, Munich office

Harun has been an invaluable member of our company since 2019, and he has recently relocated to Munich, where he now plays a crucial role as a member of our Munich team. With an unwavering passion for team building, Harun is fully dedicated to establishing a new and thriving team in Munich. He consistently seeks out new potential talents to bolster the team's capabilities. In addition to his role as an IT Consultant, Harun also takes the lead in our intern Test Star Training program, where he plays a pivotal role in developing the skills of our employees. His commitment to building cohesive teams and providing valuable support makes him an exceptional asset to our organisation.

Now, let's delve into Harun's daily endeavours, shedding light on what truly defines his contributions to our company.

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