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The spring competition for this year has come to a close, and what an eventful month it has been! It marks the third year in a row that our company has organized this event internally. With an environmental theme at its core, participants had the opportunity to earn additional points by engaging in tasks that benefit the environment.

Meet Julia Abelsson, the creator and organizer of this initiative;

''In today's fast-paced digital world, finding ways to promote well-being and sustainability in the workplace is very important. As the Marketing & Culture Officer at the company, I see this as my most important assignment - to understand the significance of employee health and the impact of environmental consciousness. In line with our commitment to these values, organizing an exciting online walking competition for all employees every spring is a great solution. This event, held through a dedicated app called Tappa, aimed to encourage individuals to step up their physical activity while incorporating sustainable practices into their daily lives. I'm very proud of the outcome of this year's competition.

I recognize the close interdependence between personal well-being and our environment. By integrating sustainability into the events we arrange at the company, we can emphasize the responsibility each individual has in ensuring a sustainable and healthy future for themselves
and the planet.''

For the past three years, System Verification's internal marketing team and HR have been diligently working towards enhancing health and sustainability initiatives within the company. These efforts are part of the overarching SYVE Wellbeing concept, encompassing various employee wellness forms. Through internal newsletters, Viva Engage discussions in the dedicated SYVE Wellbeing channel, the company consistently promotes different activities and campaigns to empower employees in leading healthier lives. As a global initiative, the annual walking competition aligns perfectly with this holistic approach.

System Verification believes in acknowledging and rewarding the achievements of its employees. The results of the walking competition were announced during country-specific conferences, providing a platform for celebrating the collective effort and dedication displayed by the participants. The biggest prize goes to the winning team but there is also an individual list in the competition - For two or three years the winner of the SYVE Wellbeing spring challenge is Monica Boman Hammarlund, with an incredible average of 27.528 steps/day per month this year. 

As part of the prize, the winning team received not only standing applause at the conferences but also prize money of 1000 € to give to any charity organization of their choice. The winning team, Earth Racers with Anna Wiśniewska as their team leader took home the first place this year. They have chosen to give the prize money to the organization Srce Za djecu- Which easily translates to heart for children. It's an organization in Bosnia that helps children in difficult situations. 


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We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to everyone who participated in this year's competition, and with that contributed to the higher goal that was set in this initiative. We are looking forward to the following year.

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