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Ahmed Babić

DevOps Engineer

"Azure Pipelines: From 0 to Hero" Training Overview

Over the past two weeks, one of our consultants from the BiH office, Azure DevOps engineer Ahmed Babić, led an engaging on-site training program on Azure Pipelines, guiding participants from “zero to hero” level. It was a great opportunity and something we continuously strive for, to share knowledge among the teams, boosting our competency and the delivery of our projects. The training program included more than 20 participants, who attended all four organized sessions. The number of attendees ensured the training program remained engaging, sparking many discussions and prompting numerous questions.

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Advanced Security for Azure DevOps

Everyone in software development is under stress to make sure to not introduce any vulnerabilities to the application/code. If you do not have that mindset, then probably your security department will chase you after some scanning is being performed. They might run occasionally or on a scheduled basis some scans that might find vulnerabilities in your application. But, how do we minimize that possibility? It's not rocket science that you should first have a security-oriented mindset in your team, but also include some SCA (Source Composition Analysis), SAST (Static Application Security Testing), and DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) in your CI CD setup. 

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Azure Bicep Modules development using ACR and DevOps

Leveraging Bicep modules empowers teams to encapsulate and reuse resource configurations effectively, promoting consistency, modularity, and collaboration. As organizations strive to adhere to best practices for security and compliance, the use of private container registries for managing and distributing container images has gained significant traction. This introduces a layer of complexity to the deployment pipeline, as the integration of Bicep modules with private registries demands careful orchestration and configuration.

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