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"Azure Pipelines: From 0 to Hero" Training Overview

Over the past two weeks, one of our consultants from the BiH office, Azure DevOps engineer Ahmed Babić, led an engaging on-site training program on Azure Pipelines, guiding participants from “zero to hero” level. It was a great opportunity and something we continuously strive for, to share knowledge among the teams, boosting our competency and the delivery of our projects. The training program included more than 20 participants, who attended all four organized sessions. The number of attendees ensured the training program remained engaging, sparking many discussions and prompting numerous questions.

The training covered many topics, but here are some key highlights:

Best Practices: We delved into best practices for Azure Repos and Azure Pipelines, setting the foundation for streamlined and efficient project workflows.

Hands-on Experience: Participants gained hands-on experience in building and deploying applications using Classic and Multi-stage YAML pipelines, which was both challenging and rewarding.

Advanced Testing: We explored executing tests using various configurations and tools within Azure Pipelines, including Docker, Selenium, and Playwright, enhancing our testing capabilities and overall deployment reliability.

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Why is this training important?

This training was designed for individuals at all stages of their CI/CD journey. Whether starting from scratch or aiming to enhance existing knowledge, the course provided the skills necessary to optimize CI/CD pipeline setup and management. Conducting this course on-site in our Sarajevo office added a dynamic and collaborative dimension to the training. The in-person interactions, shared challenges, and collective problem-solving were great opportunities for everyone to collaborate outside of their projects.

In total, four sessions were conducted over the past two weeks, and colleagues had the chance to collaborate outside of these sessions on tasks such as deploying applications to Azure and running tests using Playwright and Docker.

Initiatives like these have many positive impacts, not only on the learning experience itself but also on raising awareness regarding knowledge sharing among teams and team building.

Interested in DevOps topics? Feel free to contact our consultants for more engaging discussions!

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