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Rafal's Journey at System Verification

Rafal Lutczyk has been with System Verification for almost fourteen years and here is the journey he has done thus far. Read more about how he went from a manual tester to an experienced test automation engineer. 

My name is Rafal Lutczyk, I’m 42 years old and live outside of Malmö with my wife, two daughters, and a dog. In my spare time, I enjoy sports, board games, and computer games.

I've been a part of System Verification for nearly 14 years now, currently specializing in test automation.

My journey at System Verification started in Gothenburg, there were only four of us at that time, including the regional manager. I still remember my first week, before my first assignment started, when three of us sat in one small office room. It was a memorable experience being there from the start of a new office.

Although I currently work within test automation, my career at System Verification started with a manual testing assignment at Volvo IT. However, I've always had an interest in programming doing all kinds of projects on my spare time. Expressing this interest to my manager at the time, I was given the chance to complete several courses and certifications, taking the step into test automation. Since then, all my assignments have been as a test automation engineer.

During my years at System Verification, I've gained experience from telecom, automotive, bank, and defense in companies such as Volvo, Saab, Sony, Ikano Bank, and Fingerprint Cards. Every customer is different, has different needs, and presents a unique challenge, this is the fun part of being a consultant. Bringing my knowledge and adapting to every customer-specific need has been a significant part of my professional development.

Even though I've been working alone on some of my assignments I have always felt supported by System Verification, whether it's through the feedback and tips from colleagues or the continuous opportunities for skills development. Today, with the help of resources like Udemy, competence lunches, and various courses it is easier than ever to find something that suits everyone.

From a 10-month-long manual testing assignment at Volvo that was the beginning of my journey to my current role as an experienced test automation engineer, I've had the opportunity to work across diverse industries, in different roles, and alongside many skilled individuals. I am looking forward to seeing how my journey at System Verification will continue.

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