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The brains behind our fun challenges...Bug hunter & Solve a Problem

Bughunter_Solve a problem_challanges_System Verification

Every once in a while we host and share games and events for our QA network to attend for challenging themselves within our field. Two of those challenges are Solve a problem and Bug hunter. Sometimes we host them during specific events to take part in IRL at a job fair for example, and sometimes we host them on our website and social media. 
To make the most fun and challenging activities to share with you, we have to use highly creative and skilled people (and we have lots of those people in our company).
So let us introduce two of the brains behind some of the challenges - Mille and Selma! 

What's your name and what is your role at Systems Verification? 
Mille Boström, Test Automation Architect, Malmö/Sweden

What challenge or inbound project have you been a part of creating/developing?
I have been the main developer for a project called “Bug hunter”. It’s an interactive game site we use at events where the user tries to complete different QA-related challenges to earn points. The users are then compared against each other and can win prizes.

Why did you want to take part in that project?
The project started as early as 2017 with the simple idea of making a fun and interesting site that we could use for different events. It immediately caught my interest as it gave me a chance to work with colleagues from System Verification and also work with new web technologies.

What was the most challenging or fun regarding this project?
The project has changed a lot through the years, but I think the most challenging and fun aspect of this project is to make the site easy to understand, interesting, and challenging without making it too difficult. This requires a lot of discussions and trying out different things with my colleagues from System Verification which is both fun and interesting.
It has also been a lot of fun to improve the technical part of the site and the technologies we use now is a lot different from the ones we used in 2017.

Why do you think these projects are important? 
I think projects like these are super important and it could be good for multiple reasons:
Most of us are placed at different customers and don’t get that many opportunities to meet others from System Verification. This gives us a chance to interact and share experiences.
The IT world is continuously evolving and while I think many want to learn new technologies it’s sometimes hard to come up with ideas or even find a purpose to do it. Projects like this can give you that purpose while also challenging you to learn something new.
It may also give you an insight into different parts of the company that you don’t know that much about.

When is the next online Bughunter challenge? 
We are actually working on some updates and changes right now, so hopefully, we will have a new challenge live by the end of Q1. Looking forward to sharing it with you! 

Mille Boström_Bug Hunter

Mille Boström, Test Automation Architect 

Selma Smajic
Selma Smajić, QA engineer

What's your name and what is your role at Systems Verification?
Selma Smajić, QA engineer, Bosnia and Herzegovina

What challenge or inbound project have you been a part of creating/developing?
I was involved in the creation of one of the Solve a Problem challenges.

Why did you want to take part in that project?
Solve a problem, seemed very interesting to me because I like exercises and riddles where you can develop your analytical thinking, which is highly required to be a successful engineer and QA.

What was the most challenging or fun of this project?
I had several fields of knowledge in which I could find inspiration for the task for Solve a Problem, such as math, physics, programming, and so on. I decided to go with logic, but then there were many other subsections from which I could choose. I have challenged myself to try to solve a problem before looking into the solution to the challenge me.

Why do you think these projects are interesting?
As an engineer for me, it will be always captivating to solve problems, whether they are for software solutions or small riddles at the back of the newspapers. It is interesting to see how small tasks can challenge us to think outside of the box and apply our knowledge and logic.

When is the next Solve a Problem? 
We have just published a new one! Have a look here.