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Dr. Magnus C. Ohlsson

Quality Assurance Specialist at System Verification

Unlocking Innovation: Insights from ICSE24 in Lisbon

Lisbon is a vibrant town with many nuances, reflecting its history and the transformation into a digital hub.

This is something the EU parliament has been recognized and the city has been acknowledged as the uprising star of the software industry, with a lot of new investments from, e.g. Microsoft and Amazon. It is understandable because the people living here and their mentality make it a perfect workplace. This can be seen by all the digital nomads working here and all the open space offices where you can rent a desk for a day or up to a year. Based on this you can understand why the program committee for The International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) chose Lisbon to host the 46th version of the conference!

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Reflections from the WASP Winter Conference

There are different ways to go ahead if you would like to be on the front line of things. From our point of view, it is about keeping up with the latest trends and the research that is going on in different areas, more specifically, testing and quality assurance. At System Verification we do that in different ways. One is to attend different conferences, seminars, and workshops but it could also be to have a colleague as a PhD student. In our case, Adha Hrusto is part of the WASP program, i.e. the largest research program in Sweden, focusing on the autonomous system, artificial intelligence, and software. Her research focuses on continuous system testing and monitoring of SoS (System of Systems) during operational execution, which will enable the prediction of unexpected system failures. 

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I am your worst nightmare - Let us talk about something scary!

I have said it before and I hate to say it again, but I have been working for 25 years in the software industry, but I have seen fairly small improvements over the years. It has been said that it is a young discipline and therefore it is prone to failure, and everyone needs to learn from their mistakes. Over the years a number of different methods, tools, processes, etc. have been presented to help us improve but still I hear more stories about projects that have quality problems and run over budget and time, compared to projects that succeed to meet their initial frames.

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Big steps ahead for our PhD student and her research

Two months ago, the well reputed Springer Nature journal SN Computer Science, published an article by our colleague Adha Hrusto and co-authors Prof. Per Runeson and Dr. Emelie Engström. The title was “Closing the Feedback Loop in DevOps Through Autonomous Monitors in Operations”The work presented in the article has been carried out in collaboration with our customers in the region.

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