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Test Star - Introduction

What is Test Star?

The System Verification Test Star training program is created for junior test automation engineers, or manual testers, who are interested, and ambitious to move forward towards the test automation field. The idea is to achieve relevant knowledge and practical skills, going through several phases such as programming preparation, test automation, CI, and performance testing. Throughout the experience, participants have a lot of new technical knowledge within the mentioned areas, which will open doors for new and exciting assignments in the future.

Background and perspective

Over time, System Verification has provided several technical courses in test automation and performance testing. These carefully curated programs were offered to external and internal groups of consultants and students, enabling us to collect a significant amount of feedback and gain valuable experience. However, creating a proper training environment setup and installing the required tools posed challenges, as most of the training participants lacked sufficient technical background, programming knowledge, and tool experience. This significantly hindered our ability to achieve satisfactory end results. Moreover, the follow-up on the participants was quite limited, making it difficult to maintain continuity in knowledge and technical experience. Using the information and analytics gathered from previous experiences, and acknowledging the existence of abundant advanced training material and internal potential, we decided to create a dedicated training program that could effectively leverage these existing resources.

Test Star is born

The Test Star educational program was established and tested with the first group of Test Star students, primarily from the Sarajevo office. The initial Test Star program comprised three phases: Test Automation, CI/CD, and performance testing. Each phase necessitated student preparation, followed by workshops where hands-on exercises were the primary focus. The phase culminated with an individual or small group project on the respective topic. Completion and acceptance of each phase were vital prerequisites for progressing to the next one. The program has a duration of one full year.


Every year, a number of our employees enroll in this course, driven by their eagerness to acquire more knowledge in the field. It offers them the opportunity not only to learn but also to learn from our experienced employees, fostering deeper connections among colleagues. The course entails not only a learning opportunity but also a commitment, ultimately proving to be a valuable and significant investment in their personal and professional growth.


“I had the opportunity to participate in the first edition of the Test Star program. While I was already engaged in test automation assignments, Test Star played a crucial role in refining my programming skills. It boosted my confidence in creating effective test strategies and designing comprehensive test cases. Additionally, I gained proficiency in Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery and Performance testing throughout the program.

Starting from Test Star 3.0, I actively contribute as an assistant and, this year, as a teacher. This role aligns seamlessly with my position as a doctoral student at Lund University, where teaching is among our responsibilities, allowing us to convey knowledge and share experiences.

In my opinion, Test Star is an exceptional program and offers a remarkable opportunity for all our colleagues seeking to venture into the realm of test automation, CI/CD, and Performance Testing. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in embracing new challenges, acquiring new knowledge, and enhancing their technical skill set.” Adha Hrusto, Quality and Data Scientist at System Verification.

The Test Star program stands as a testament to our dedication to continuous learning and the empowerment of our team members. Every year, each participant contributes to enhancing and strengthening our competence and growth.


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