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The Black Friday Challenge: Why Software Quality Assurance Is Crucial for E-commerce

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, has become an annual shopping frenzy where retailers offer massive discounts to kick off the holiday shopping season. For e-commerce companies, this day and similar occasions like Cyber Monday represent a crucial opportunity to boost sales and profits. However, the surge in online traffic and transactions can also lead to unexpected challenges, making software quality assurance (QA) more critical than ever. In this blog post, we will explore why software QA is so important for e-commerce companies during Black Friday and similar occasions.

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AI-Powered Quality Assurance_System Verification

AI-Powered Quality Assurance: Ensuring Your AI-Integrated Systems Thrive

In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), businesses are racing to harness the transformative power of intelligent technologies. Integrating AI into your systems promises increased efficiency, automation, and the ability to make data-driven decisions. However, in this pursuit of innovation, there's one crucial element that's often overlooked – quality assurance.

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The Risks: Why AI Quality Assurance Matters_System Verification

The Risks: Why AI Quality Assurance Matters

In an era driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its transformative potential, the importance of AI quality assurance cannot be overstated. The risks associated with inadequate quality assurance in the world of AI are not just potential pitfalls; they are profound threats that can have far-reaching consequences for your business. From brand reputation to financial stability, data security, regulatory compliance, and seizing valuable opportunities, AI quality assurance is the safeguard that ensures your AI-driven systems thrive in this ever-evolving landscape of intelligent technologies.

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Technical Due Diligence_System Verification

Providing the insights you need


System Verification specialises primarily in supporting M&A transactions in which software companies are involved. In these cases, there is often a lot of focus on the software itself, and our Technical Due Diligence (TDD) is one of several parallel due diligence processes needed to cover the entire transaction process. Our approach and work methods are based on the knowledge and
expertise we have accumulated from our 20+ years in software development and quality assurance. Thanks to this, and the specific evaluations we have added to the TDD process, in-depth data can quickly be generated on the software and precise derivatives formulated.
This means that you, as an investor, can avoid any unpleasant surprisesyou will have a clear picture of the quality of the software systems you are about to acquire.

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Azure Bicep Modules development using ACR and DevOps

Leveraging Bicep modules empowers teams to encapsulate and reuse resource configurations effectively, promoting consistency, modularity, and collaboration. As organizations strive to adhere to best practices for security and compliance, the use of private container registries for managing and distributing container images has gained significant traction. This introduces a layer of complexity to the deployment pipeline, as the integration of Bicep modules with private registries demands careful orchestration and configuration.

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Meet&Greet - Aleksey and Svitlana

Mentors play an indispensable role in our professional growth and development. Through their guidance, knowledge sharing, and constructive feedback, they empower their mentees to achieve their goals and navigate the challenges that arise during their initial projects.

As System Verification, we wholeheartedly support mentorship that empowers our employees to reach their full potential, overcome difficulties, and become involved in all our processes more efficiently, especially during the early stages. We take immense pride in our mentors and would like to share more about them.

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Blog update System Verification Germany employee presentation

Meet Ammar and Nichsan

Since 2019 our German team has been expanding and becoming stronger and stronger year by year. We lend a listening ear during tough times, offer guidance when somebody is uncertain, and celebrate our successes together. Each person brings their own unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table.

Now it's about time to get to know the team a bit better and we would like to begin with the biggest team in Germany – Team Bonnand their representatives Ammar Harrat and Nichsan Naganeelan. 

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