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Strengthening the relationship between humans and technology

Founded in 2002 to ensure high-quality software, we have always been driven by a strong purpose – to strengthen the relationship between humans and technology. Our CEO Erik Björhäll has been with us since day one, empowering employees and customers to create a sustainable digital experience. 

Embracing digital potential and elevating quality assurance  

Software quality assurance has never been more important than what is today. In a world that's depending more and more on digital solutions, we can't escape its impact. Not as individuals, nor as businesses. As digital solutions become a bigger part of our lives, the demand on quality increases. And the lack of quality may have devastating consequences for both brand and business. 
System Verification was founded to meet the needs of a company that specializes in software quality assurance. The market was missing an employer and a business partner who wholeheartedly invested in our niche. From that day, we’ve been providing strategic and operational support throughout the entire software development life cycle. 

“We enhance digital value – for the individual, brand and business”
– Erik Björhäll

But it’s not only what we do. It’s how we do it. Driven by purpose and the mission to make a difference, we do what we do with great commitment. We partner with you in all matters, and we tailor our solutions to your needs and challenges. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, we never cease to develop and challenge ourselves and the status quo. We help you develop, bring about change and create even more business value. 

A sustainable digital experience 

We secure a sustainable digital experience that increases value for your customers and strengthens your business. Digital solutions that provide great user experience and ensure high-quality outcome that aligns with your business goals – because we know how important that is. But our purpose doesn’t end there. 
The digital landscape is ever-changing. With AI and Generative AI on the rise, the boundaries between real life and digital life have started to fade. In time, humans and technology will co-exist in a different way – and technology will become an even bigger part of our everyday life. We aim to ensure a sustainable use of AI and Generative AI and we take great responsibility in navigating the opportunities and challenges presented by this new paradigm.

“We play an important part in ensuring a digital experience that serves both individuals, companies and the world as a whole. Today and in the future.”
– Erik Björhäll

We exist to create digital solutions that strengthen the relationship between humans and technology. Our vision is to improve digital life, and software quality assurance is how we get there.