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Chloe's Journey at System Verification

Chloe O’Mahony_System Verification

Chloe O’Mahony has been with System Verification for a little over four years and here is the journey she has done thus far. Read more about how she went from an agile tester to a test lead.

My name is Chloe O’Mahony and I am from Ireland. I have lived in Malmö in Sweden for the last 4 years with my partner Elin and my puppy named Bonnie. In my previous life, I studied psychology at university and also worked in sales for many years. About 10 years ago I went back to college to reskill in software engineering. After my studies I became a consultant test engineer in Dublin, Ireland. 4 years ago, I moved to Malmö and began working with System Verification.

I had never worked in Sweden before, so I was quite nervous my first day in the office. However, I received one of the warmest welcomes I have ever had including beautiful flowers! The culture at the System Verification office is open and friendly and very quickly I felt part of the family.

When I began with System Verification, I started an assignment as a test engineer almost directly. The assignment was with Yale/ Assa Abloy, and I worked on the project to test their end-to-end smart lock solution. The assignment was very interesting as I had the opportunity to learn about testing not only software but also hardware and firmware and grow my test experience. I continued this project for a little over 2 years.

Currently, I am working as a test lead in E. ON with the team that supports the energy market sales. My job requires testing and regression testing of the various applications that support the business. In my role, I also have responsibility for release management and incident management. Similarly, we work in a team that uses the agile software development lifecycle. My role has given me a lot more responsibility than I previously had and has allowed me to grow my skill set and my test lead experience.

Throughout my career with System Verification, I have always received wonderful support from the management and in particular my consultant managers. Each consultant at System Verification is assigned a consultant manager to help support their career and be a point of contact for general inquiries.

System Verification also provides ongoing education and career development opportunities. I have taken part in the Test Star education program which teaches students about automation and continuous integration. I learned a lot from this program particularly that going down the automation career path was not right for me and wanted to continue on my path as a test leader and people leader. Similarly, I have also become a mentor at System Verification. This involves guiding and supporting new employees through their journey as a consultant especially for those new employees who are new to the industry. I find it a very valuable and rewarding role.

I enjoy working as a consultant. It provides flexibility and security. By this I mean I can work with a company and know that I have System Verification whose goal is to look after my interests and development. At the same time System Verification wants to support my career goals so being a consultant affords me the flexibility to change assignments when I need a new challenge. Being a consultant is also fun as I can get to enjoy the working environment of an assignment and then similarly enjoy the many fun events that System Verification provides. It is double the fun! I have only ever been a consultant while working in QA and for me, the flexibility that it provides is a huge bonus especially with a company like System Verification as support.

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