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Budget, time and quality in your QA projects

Improving digital life is not just another buzzword for us. At System Verification,  it is in our DNA and fits perfect into our clients need: Deploying requirements in time, budget and quality into production. We believe that our vision ultimately adds value for our clients, for its consumers and businesses. But what does that actually mean and how are we improving digital life at System Verification? If you can take yourself 5 minutes of your time, you will soon know more. My name is Julian Göbert and dealing with those questions is part of my everyday work at System Verification. I joined the company in January 2020 and working as Testmanagement Consultant as well as Consultant Manager for the business unit Finance & Insurance.

  • Time: Nowadays and in future, speed to market will be crucial for business success. Being the first mover for new, digitalized solutions especially in the B2C market has a massive impact on the success of each company. Best example in the past was the integration of Apple Pay into the payment systems. Companies have gained new customers only due to this future. Nowadays, the integration of Apple pay is expected. One special feature about banking, financial services and insurance companies is, that they need to fulfil regulatory requirements until a due date. If they don’t get their job done, they need to pay financial penalties to the regulatory authority. Also, system migrations need to be finished on time because old systems can’t get supported anymore because people who have the knowledge about the systems are starting their well-deserved retirement.
  • Budget: Getting projects done is connected to a set budget. This budget has boundaries and I would always recommend to not think that a significant increase of budget leads to better results. Especially in IT, an increasing budget has a diminishing marginal benefit. Example: Doubling the development capacity does not mean getting results twice as fast – only doubling test capacity can do that.
  • Quality: Making sure that functional and non-functional requirements are developed & integrated just as defined into the system is one part of quality. Another part is to make sure, that stakeholders get the functional and non-functional implementations they need to simplify or solve issues they face. Also take under consideration, that a produced code is already an intangible asset for each company. But how to make sure that this asset will lead to an extraordinary evaluation during a technical due diligence? I’ll give you a hint: Don’t forget analysing & monitoring your code health via tools like Codescene. Every new client of us is getting a free health check via Codescene provided!

How do our people help to improve digital life?

Unfortunately, not everyone who is using software does have a full understanding of the software development life cycle process. Changing requirements are not a bad surprise or accident, but the normal case. Developing Software close to business can lead to the risk to fail almost every milestone (There will always be the discussion about defect or change request..).

But our ISTQB certified consultants are not only experts in analysing requirements in order to write, align, execute & automate test cases; they also know the principles of requirement engineering (value orientation, stakeholders’ desires and needs, shared understanding, understanding the context, problem solving, validation, evolution, innovation, systematic & disciplined work) and therefore, have the skillset to help within the assignment without being the dedicated person for that. Improving digital life means to add value wherever it takes!

Coaching & sharing knowledge

Furthermore, at System Verification we are having the mindset to internalize  knowledge about software behaviour, resulting in a leverage effect that improves the digital live of every employee at the particular customer we are supporting with quality assurance services. Conducting workshops, recording videos for internal education systems or being a trusted advisor for everyone are just a few examples on how weare consulting in that.

Improving digital life – we can actually make that happen! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to finish your next project in time, budget & quality!